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Feedback for CUE 3


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I've seen talk around the forum about CUE 3 being in the works for the future, and as someone who has used a lot of different RGB programs and devices I'd like to share some feedback.


First of all, I was in the CUE 2 beta, and I did not like CUE 2 when it was originally released, mainly due to the removal of modes. Since it broke a profile I made for Titanfall 1&2 that had pseudo game state integration (and thus required many modes), I stayed on CUE 1 for a while. I happily discovered that folders were added to CUE 2, thus bringing the functionality of modes back so I finally updated. Overall this is what I like about CUE; it is the most advanced and most functional RGB control software compared to others that I've used such as Logitech's and Steelseries's programs.


The one thing that CUE lacks in compared to the other programs, is SDK apps within the software. Both Steelseries and Logitech give Game State Integration for various games, and Steelseries even adds a Audio Visualizer. Now, I know that there are many programs for Corsair devices that can also do this using the SDK such as Aurora and Corsair Effects Engine, but I feel like implementing a native solution would be very beneficial, especially for more casual users. In addition, if implemented natively, they would allow for more customization and less conflicts that are sometimes caused by the third-party programs.


I feel like from the eyes of a casual user, simple pressing a button to toggle GSI for something like CS:GO is easier and makes the software a lot more functional for them. Personally, as someone who is into having GSI on my RGB devices, it's a nuisance to have to launch a third party program. Aside from bugs and other minor issues, I feel like this is what is missing from CUE to make it into the overwhelmingly best RGB customization software.

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