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CUE Lighting Link and placement of devices


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Greetings Corsair User Forums,


I recently switched my interface ecosystem from Razer to Corsair. Razer Synapse 3 had a feature where you could specify the layout of devices, so when something like a blue rainbow wave went from left to right, it would light up the LEDs of the devices in sequence based on where they were on your desk.


I notice that Corsair Lighting Link does the same thing (I am using Color Wave currently) but does not allow you to specify the layout of your devices (at least not that I can find). My specific example is I have my ST100RGB/Void Pro to the left of my keyboard, then my keyboard, then my mouse and MM800. The light wave begins from the keyboard and goes to the right across the keyboard, then mouse and mouse paid, and then wraps around to the ST100 which is on the left.


Is there any way to specify in CUE that the ST100 is on the left so the wave starts there then moves right across all the devices?


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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