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Maximum Wattage Type 4 PCIE Cable


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I am building a Gaming Rig with a Geforce 1080Ti Aorus 11GB (two 8 pin PCIE power connectors) and a Corsair HX850 Platinum that comes with the Type 4 PCIE cables which have two 8 pin PCIE ends.


The TDP of the card is 250W. Research shows that the card can draw 250W gaming closer to 300W if overclocked, which it is in default.


So assuming the card is drawing 300W and 60W of that is from the PCIE slot that leaves the cable(s) to provide 240W.


So I have a choice:


1) Use a single cable with its additional 8 pin male end.

2) Use two cables not using the second 8 pin male end on each cable.



Question 1


Should I go for Option 1) or Option 2)?


So if I use a single cable, that one cable may have to cope with 240W continuous which is 20 Amps at 12 Volts. That seems a lot to me, especially when only three of the eight wires are +12V meaning they are taking 80W each (nearly 7 Amps each!).


Are these Type 4 cables rated for that draw?


If anyone knows how many watts/amps they are rated for that would be great?


Question 2


I intend to use the multiple rail (protected at 40W per cable) if using a single cable. But if using two cables should I go to single rail (70.8A max)?



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A single cable with 2 PCI-E plugs will get warm under continuous use on a 1080 ti @ 120% power with some overclock. This is continuous, sustained usage in a miner running 24/7, so essentially the worst possible use case. I have measuring the current consumed via PCI-E on several different 1080 ti models. It is closer to 40 watts for mining use cases. Could be more for gaming, but I kinda doubt it.

I switched to dual single plug cables because of this. And it seemed to add a bit of stability, but that is purely subjective. And I no longer run my cards full tilt boogy.


For gaming use cases, I would not be concerned using a single cable with 2 plugs. But if you want absolutely the very best, use 2 cables and cut the 2nd plug off ;)

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