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I normally charge my headset though the day most days for gaming that night.


tonight it has said battery low then gone off (not a problem as i forgot to charge it)


my USB wireless dongle thing sits in the top of my ST100 STAND had done for the 4 weeks i have had both items.


I tried to plug my headset into the side of my stand (like i usually do anytime i want to charge it) and it has said the device has not been recognized and it has malfunctioned.


my problem is it says this then turns off and my USB stick flashes white. i find this strange because if i turn it on during the day to listen to music it can be plugged in and work fine?


can anyone tell me what is going on


if i try another USB it says installing void headset etc...


Is my stand broken after 4 weeks?..:confused::sigh!:

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