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Best Corsair to O/C or potential to? Experts?

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have the following to pick from:

CMX512-2700C2 X 2 (I have a pair of these)

CMX512-3200PT X 2 (I just got a stick)

CMX512-3200C2 (I don't know what is really the difference between the C2 or PT but it seems the C2's are better?=more expensive?)


or the one at Outpost.com




I'm not too good with the memory differences. Perhaps the one at Outpost is the same as my single stick?


I currently have a 741GX-M mobo which I'm using the 2700C2 but I might go get like a 2.8+ Sempron or A64 which I will use the 3200 sticks.


Any ideas?




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Well, there are a variety of things that affect your decision making. First, the PT designation is only referring to the color (Platinum) of the heatspreader. It has nothing to do with the performance. This is detailed in the products links above.


Also, if you have a single stick of RAM and you intend to add it to another stick, you need to make certain that the new stick is the exact same revision. This is listed in the part number on the hologram sticker.


The 2 types of PC3200 you have listed are going to OC about the same. Most that I have seen will typically get you to about 210 Mhz, or DDR420. But, no guarantees there. They will run faster than the PC2700 you have.


You did not list it but, the PC3200XL is by far a much better choice than anything you have listed for OCing. I'd suggest those if you can arrange it.



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CMX512-2700C2 <-- this is probly bh5 or bh6. if u have the voltage, turn it up (3.2-3.4 (max u should go 24/7)), and enjoy high fsb, 2-2-2. this will void your warranty, however. you must keep the ram cool if you do turn it up (i would actively cool at 2.9v+).
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