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Faulty VS512MB400 module


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Dear "RAM GUY'

I'm having problems with a corsair memory module and read ik had to get a post id to proceed with the warranty procedure. So here my post:

The modules are from the valueselect series and the broken one has the following identification:



Also there is a number of the distributor in the netherlands: A-Force:

2 0040001463 2

i already phoned them and i had to send an e-mail to them, but no answer yet


My computer is a compaq/hp microtower D330 with asus P4SD mainboard.

When i apply the normal P.O.S.T the memory test fails. I cleaned the contacts with alcohol an it wouldn't help. When i put the other 512 module in the same slot of my mainboard the memory test succeds and there are no errors anymore.


So, i think i have a broken memory module.

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