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Using PCIe and the sata cable from different models


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I have a Corsair RM 1000x and a Corsair CX450M.

What I want is to use the PCIe and the SATA cable from my CX450M with the new RM1000x, before I burn the house down I would like to know if this is safe ?


I was not able to find any specs regarding this, if some one have any info then it also could be appreciated.




Thx in advance



Edit: According to this: http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/landing/psu-cable-compatibility, the sata cable are compatible but I could not find any info. regarding the PCIe type4 on the CX-M, but the one (CX450M) I have, have a type4 connector, and I received a pcie (6+2) cable, dose not make any sens.


Edit 1: I have connected the PCIe (6+2) cable from the CX450M into RM1000x, and connected the other end to a Graphics card, and it works, but again is it safe ? in long run

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