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Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB PUBG sound


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Hi there,


I was wondering how i can improve my sound in PUBG?

I cant hear enemys further away then 5 meter.. My friends can hear them very well with cheap *** headsets..


Maybe its the EQ present whats not good? I dont know the right settings.. I have dolby on and EQ presents FPS Competition..


Can someone help me out?

Or is it just bad at PUBG?



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  • 8 months later...
I don't think there is much that can be done.


You can try installing the generic Microsoft USB audio drivers and see whether that changes anything.


Apologies for posting this,

But to follow up til this day, I still can't hear any footsteps at all.


I have set it back to stereo/7.1 adjusted the audio settings in pubg, but nothing helps....


My friends had other headsets at values lower than mine, and they could hear footsteps from quite a distance...


Since you mentioned that nothing much can be done, what are some of the good headsets available (To at least hear footsteps in PUBG)

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