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Is my h100i GTX failing?


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Hey everyone need some advise, today I wanted to sort out reapplying my thermal paste and I have been getting High temps and loud cooler fan noise. After reapplying and starting the system up I was all good cpu was sitting at 30c at idle and the radiator was at 28c, but I noticed I could hear the liquid inside the cooler swoshing and making a dripping sound which I have never heard before.


Through today my temperatures have been getting worse no matter what profile I have used in Corsair link it’s not cooling it down! I just switched my system off as the cpu was reaching 100c at idle, I have double checked the cooler is firmly attached to the cpu 3-4 times tried pressing down on it to see if the temps go down no change! So is my cooler done for? Ive had it over 2 years its the original 100i gtx not the v2!! Also I replaced the fans on it with the mlpro fans from Corsair and they also sound like a jet engine, any help thanks.

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