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after startup mouse not working


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are you connecting it to a hub? While today's stuff is considerably better some devices just do not like hubs, connect straight into a hard connector on the motherboard see what happens. Also...windows gets confused sometimes, try plugging into another usb port which "should" force windows to reload the drivers for it. When you say "doesn't work after startup" do you mean that the mouse is not seen from the screen where you put in your password or do you mean that after windows actually starts up that it doesn't work right away? You're just dealing with a MS$ product it might be a driver conflict a registry mess or even a malware try something like ccleaner or one of the other myriad of utilities that clean malware and fix bad registry errors.
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hey, no hub direct on mainboard. tried another usb not working. meant after windows starts up that it doesn't work sometimes. no ccleaner installed.


That's a Windows issue when using Fast Boot. You boot up, and there's no USB ports active. Disable Fast Boot to prevent this from happening.

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Hi guys,


Try doing all of the solutions above. As stated by others, it can happen for a lot of reasons that tends to be Windows is not booting those USB devices correctly.



Turn off Windows Fast Boot.

Turn off xHCI Handoff

Turn on USB Legacy Support.

And Loreine's solution: This is a common problem and reinstalling Windows is not the permanent solution. The common problem related to the problem can be outdated mouse driver. So reinstall and update your mouse driver.

Follow the steps to uninstall mouse driver

 Open Device Manager;

 Choose Mice and other pointing devices;

 Now right-click on your mouse and then Uninstall Device;

Follow the steps to update the mouse driver

 On the Device Manager > click Mice and other pointing devices;

 Locate your mouse and right-click on it;

 And choose Update Driver

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