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So I have 570X RGB and 7 fans. Help Needed.

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Hope this is the right subforum for this... I have been building my PC piece by piece for the last 5 months. I finally have all my hardware together and I appear to have made a mistake. I bought and EVGA PSU a one of the first pieces at a good price on Black Friday. Now that i'm all up in the guts of the 570X it appears a Corsair RM650i would have been a far better choice. I understand the wiring (sorta) for all the fans and i'm not using LED strips.


My big question is can I make this work without buying the Corsair PSU? I don't really get how it factors into the ecosystem. I can plug my Commander Pro into it and have the power to change fan speeds system wide right? (5 fans are the same, the other 2 are for the watercooler rad. I've built dozens of PCs over the years and this is the first time FANS have me stumped.


To be clear, I have

3 fans that came with the case,

3 SP120 RGB LED,

2 Fans that came with my Corsair H80i V2 (1 of which i will probably not use.

And finally a Corsair CO-8950020 RGB LED FAN HUB HD/SP RGB COMPATIBLE (From Amazon and it's taking forever to get here, like 2 weeks)


Oh and i got lucky the day before yesterday and bought a PSU cover while they were in stock. Very lucky lol. Oh and finally i'm not sure where to best place my Rad. Front? Top? Never W/C before. So...any help?

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I don't see any reason why you'd need to have a Corsair PSU. I ran plenty of RGBz with a Thermaltake PSU until I swapped that out.


What stumps you with the fans? The big challenge that you'll have is that the radiator will only control PWM fans ... so you probably don't want to use the SP fans on the radiator. Or, at least, you won't want to try to control them with the radiator. But they'll work fine with the Commander Pro (CoPro). The 3 fans that came with the case are SP-RGB as well, so you can add your additional SP RGB fans to the Fan Hub that shipped with the case.


From there, you can connect the Fan Hub to the CoPro's LED port. You'll need to disconnect the included button controller but you'll have more options and control so it's not a big loss.

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Yeah the button controller confuses me. WTF do i need buttons behind a tempered glass panel for? That's like putting the stick shift in the glove box lol. There is also button controller on case top. I guess my big issue/worry is 6/7 fans with 3/4 pin power and nowhere to plug them in other than MB. Granted my 'FAN HUB' isn't here yet. i'm really hoping i can plug 6 3(or 4)? pin fans into it. Descriptions (and pics) of it are minimal so i bought it on a wish and a hope.


I think Corsair makes this more challenging than it needs to be. :sigh!:


I just want a simple layout without LED strips running everywhere. I want a clean case cooled by a single 120mm rad i don't know where to mount. The whole experience is just annoying. I have a CM Stacker from 10 years ago that could deal with all this and much room to spare if it wasn't my file server.

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Have you taken a look at the RGB FAQ? (The link is in my signature). That may answer a lot of your questions.


From what you said ...


You have a total of 6 SP-RGB fans, correct?


If that's the case, you already have a fan hub that came with the case. This will support control of all six fans. You don't need that additional fan hub. That additional fan hub is for RGB control only and you already have one.


Do you have a Commander Pro? You seemed to indicate that you do. If so, you can plug the fans into that. Also, assuming that you have the Commander Pro, you will have a cable to go from the CoPro to the RGB Fan Hub (the one that came with your case). It'll be a 3-pin connector with only 2 wires. (This is by design and correct, btw). If you connect the RGB to the CoPro, you will need to disconnect the push-button controller; this will also disconnect the RGB control buttons on the case.


Keep in mind that each fan will have 2 cables going to it. One is for power/speed control and one is for RGB. They look completely different.


The cooler will have a connector for the fans. You really should use both; that H80i V2 is FAT and push/pull is ideal to move air through that thick radiator.


It's also very helpful if you fill out your system specs (at least on the system that you are referring to). There could be additional tips/tricks/suggestions that we may have based on your configuration.

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Yeah the button controller confuses me. WTF do i need buttons behind a tempered glass panel for? That's like putting the stick shift in the glove box lol. There is also button controller on case top.


It is because of the Differences between HD RGB and SP RGB fans,, they both use different button controllers and this couldn't be combined in the Front IO buttons.. so best option was to piggy back onto the specific button controller needed... should you change your fans to HD fans you would have to change the button controller as well,


Should you be using the a CoPro or NoPro then you can remove the internal button controller altogether....


which leaves the IO buttons out of action.. I have the same case and now use one of the lighting buttons as a reset button ;)


as DevBiker said..


The Below Link is with a read ;)




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