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Lack of SSD options holding me back


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Hello all,


After seeing today's new updates (Corsair One Pro Plus and Corsair One Elite with 8700K) I felt the need to provide some product feedback.


I have been looking at the Corsair One on and off for a while, and the only thing holding me back is the mandatory inclusion of a magnetic spinning hard drive and the lack of high capacity SSD options in a computer approaching $3k.


I would gladly pay the additional cost for a 1TB NVME SSD option, or a 480GB NVME plus a SATA 1TB SSD.


At least as an option at the top end this would really be appreciated, and it's really the only thing preventing me from pushing the button on one of these systems, which otherwise seem like really great machines.


I completely understanding offering standard HDDs at the low end of the option range, but it seems pretty far behind the times to still have that as the only option at the high end of a premium computer line.

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