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CUE + Sabre RGB + WoW


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I just purchased the Sabre RGB for my wife so she had a few extra buttons to play on WoW. I am having some serious issues with getting the buttons to actually work with World of Warcraft.


I have downloaded the current CUE from the website and have it installed. It shows the Sabre in the program however when I set a button to an Action, it does not work in WoW.


I have bound Button 8 Keystroke / Shift 5. When I log into WoW and hit the button it does not do anything (There is already a command to run when you press Shift+5 on the keyboard which works).


I am wondering if there is a step i'm missing to assign the button to a command.



(Steps i've done)

1. Created the Action for Keystroke Shift 5.

2. Linked the Action to Button 8 (has the little check on the button, and line pointing to the button on the mouse)

3. Saved Action to the Actions library.


since having the Issue i've reinstalled the CUE and restarted the computer three times. I add the action in the CUE before I start WoW.



I have a Scimitar for my computer and I know there was an older issue with CUE and Old versions of Windows (Vista to be exact). Does the newest version of CUE work with Windows 7 Pro? It showed it was compatiable on the box, and buttons 1,2,3 (scroll up/down) all work.

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Open Device manager and check whether Corsair Bus is under System Devices and Corsair composite virtual input device is listed.


If there is a Code 52 error, install the hotfix below;



Double check and make sure the profile is either set as the default or the profile is linked to the executable. To se a profile as default, move it to the top of the profiles list.

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