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CORSAIR ONE Thunderbolt Edition?


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Dear Corsair,


I would like to congratulate your ONE team on a fantastic PC design. One that doesnt have its performance bogged down by the real estate or compact nature of the case.


I work primarily in post production and was gutted to learn that you have snobbed thunderbolt from the specification lineup. I understand the core audience this is targeted too but I also believe you have created a product with allot of mass appeal and One that would sit really well in many other domains.


You cannot call this a complete future-proof product without thunderbolt technology. One that serves many applications. For example, in my environment, I get sent several lacie thunderbolt drives from clients and deal with huge packets of 4K/5K rushes on a daily. Thunderbolt makes a huge difference in the read and write access especially when you fly through several applications accessing the same content.


Please can you look into making the next iteration have thunderbolt 3. I will sacrifice a usb to have 2 thunderbolt ports and 4(or 5) usb ports.

Tired of giving my hard earned cash to Apple, so please let's improve on this design.


Thank you.

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