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A8N-SLI Deluxe - 4 modules


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I bought a VS1GBKIT400 with the A8N and it works great. However, i recently purchased another VS1GBKIT400 so that i can have 2 GIG. This new kit doesn't run on my motherboard at all. If i put in the 2 new sticks, i get beeps and the computer doesn't start. If I remove the old sticks and plug in the new stick, i still get beeps.


The new sticks are from LOT#0452073-2. I plan to RMA this kit on monday.


I am not overclocking and the BIOS settings are default. I want 2 gig's of RAM. Should i try my luck with another VS1GBKIT400 or just get a refund from the store?



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You may need to reset the bios and try all 4 sticks. If this fails, you need to run the test from http://www.memtest86.com . Run this on each stick individually. Also, please repost the lot # information for all 4 sticks. It's possible that if you did not get matching sticks from the same lot, that they are not going to run together.



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Here's what i did. I set the timinigs in the BIOS as per RAM Guys' suggestion from another A8N-SLI thread. Also i made sure that the problem is not a bad slot. The Dec 2004 modules work fine in all slots. I have an Antex True Power 430 Watt PSU.



I ran memtest86 on the Dec 2004 modules twince and i get the following error:


:!: Test 7 (Random Number Sequence) : Failing Address 0000b4ba4a4e0 - 180.6MB


For Feb 2005 modules, i tried all sort of combinations and isolated the problem to 1 bad module (Which doesn't even run alone) and another module which runs fine alone but doesn't work with my DEc 2004 modules.


I will RMA the new VS1GBKIT400 kit to NCIX however, should i RMA the VS1GBKIT400 kit that i bought in Dec 2004 to Corsair due the memtest86 error? I primarly use my computer for programming so i am a little concerned.

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Unfortunately, 2X1 gig is way out of my budget.


The reason i need 2 gigs is that i do a lot of programming and i usually work with SQL Server 2K or Oracle DB. I am tired of reinstalling all the server software everytime i upgrade hardware or OS. So I created a MS Virtual PC image using Windows 2003 Server for all the server software. I allocated 512 MB to that VPC instance and 512 MB to my windows. This way i don't lose anything in the VPC even if reinstall windows.


I want to upgrade to 2 GIG so that i get less swap file thrashing and some decent performance.


I am also a little disappointed with the current state of PC hardware. I remember 2-3 years ago, i never had any issues with any memory that i use to pop in. Use to be as simple as plug, boot and enjoy. These days, you have to pray to get modules that work on a particular board. I am not blaming Corsair in particular but it seems that the motherboard makers and memory vendors need to collaborate more. If the board has 4 slots then 4 modules should work. No excuses. I am sure i speak for many PC hobbists :sigh!:

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