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Void pro RGB wireless SE MUTED won't un mute


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bought this headset yesterday, came in a bundle, everything else in the bundle works perfect, everything brand new, everything sealed, no problems what so ever, except the fact that every time I turn on my headset it says mic off. the mute button doesn't work at all?


I've tried:


restarting computer.

fully charging headset (only reaches 93%).

soft resting headset.

uninstalling drivers/reinstalling drivers.

force updating drivers.

turning off cue.


when i turn off cue, noise seem to happen when i press the mute button the led in the mic is off and the rgb effect is off. can hear stuff but still no sound through mic.


i really don't want to have to travel 2 hours again to replace a $200 headset that should be working. so if there is any fixs please let me know, i spent all night looking and still can't find a solution.

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