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GA-K8NS-939 Dual Channel problems :(


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I have a new 939 board..the basic model of the K8NS (ie not the one label Ultra OR XP...therefore there are no bios updates past the F2 it came with so far)


Prior to that I never has a dual channel board (came off and A7N8x-x) so I have 2 sticks of 512-XMS3200...but they are not from a TWIN-X package, bought at different times---therefore the revisions are different.....one is v1.1 and one v3.1


I was hoping this wouldn't be a big deal. I guess it is...coz with one chip in DIMM 1 it boots no problem....put the other in and it won't even get to the memtest screen....just tries to boot then restarts over and over. I have gone into the BIOS and upped the DRAM voltage to 2.7...no go....played with CAS settings, cleared the CMOS etc etc...


I was hoping that even though the revisions are different things would be ok ....so is this the problem or is it something else....


BTW I am not sure if this is wierd but when I put any stick in DIMM3 slot (or the DIMM4 slot on the other bank) by itself it wont boot either...


please dont tell me I have to sell my ram (which I wont get too much for a i guess) and get a TWIN-X pack....

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I'm fighting the same problem. Same Board, Winchester 3200+.

I've tried every possible combination of slots. I've tried putting up DRAM voltage. I've tried running with 166 Mhz.

The only combination with which I won't get BIOS errors is to put both modules in same Channel, but with the consequence of still having same memory instead of double and no dual channel of course...


I've also conntacted Gigabyte's supportteam, but still waiting for answer :-\


Maybe you'll offer a solution that I wasn't thinking of till now.



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Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, the revision is most likely your problem. Those revisions of RAM are made with 2 different ICs ( I don't remember which) and most likely will not run together at all in a dual channel MOBO. 1 possible solution, that I would not personally attempt, is to find another stick of Corsair RAM to match the revision of what you already have, either a 1.1 or a 3.1. However, since they were not factory tested to be matched and function in a dual channel MOBO, there is still no guarantee.


By far, the safest route is to get new matched RAM. I'd suggest either the PC3200XL or the PC4400C2.5 for the 939 MOBOs.


Good luck, Mike.

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