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Lighting Crash & System Lock


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I've been having an issue with my Strafe RGB. It's setup with a colour specific profile, however after a minute or so the keyboard crashes, turning all lighting effects off but the keyboard remains usable. The CUE software displays both my keyboard & mouse as 'Malfunction'. The only way I have found to get the colours back is to close the CUE software and re-open it. However, it dies again within a minute of doing this.


Sometimes the keyboard completely deadlocks my system without warning. I have to hold down the power button and restart the machine. I've found that this only crashes on the first instance of using the machine after a system startup (usually within 5/10 minutes of using the machine), once I hard-restart my machine it will not occur again.


I am using USB 3.0, so I only have the one USB cable connected (the main connector) and the CUE software, including related hardware are all on the latest available drivers.


I've uploaded my system specs which may help with the diagnosis.


But seriously, any help that can be provided with this will be GREATLY appreciated as I am at the point of purchasing a different keyboard just to get around the issue.


Many thanks

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