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Product Request: M95 RGB


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ditto. I hate to double post, but I'm so desperate that I'm willing to risk being scolded.


Count me among those that consider the M90/95 the absolute perfect mouse. I beg and plead with Corsair to consider the market value of such a perfect mouse. I regret not having bought 5 or more for back-up, at the time.


Every manufacturer keeps making clumsy designs with buttons clumped together or some otherwise clumsy uniform distribution. The M90/M95 is perfect in the following ways.


1) Side buttons are spread out around the thumb pad such that each button is unique in both tactile detection, as well as location.


2) The thumb "landing pad" is essential for mouse control, yet current MMO mouse designs seem to neglect that important property. The thumb must have a surface to press against that won't accidently click buttons in order to maintain precise control while moving.


3) Solid build and perfect contours that feel comfortable throughout the various grip styles.


4) More than enough buttons for any gamer in any genre. Personally, I only used the 5 rear-most buttons for games, but the buttons not assigned for gaming were used for other tasks, so ultimately, I used all the buttons.


Now that mine is starting to give way to father time, I find myself having the worst time trying to find a worthy replacement. Spoiler alert, it ain't the Scimitar. Those buttons are too small and close together yielding very little distinction, while also having no thumb "landing pad" for good control.


Honestly, I can't figure out why Corsair stopped making this model. The only thing it had going against it upon market release was the supposedly iffy software, though I had no complaints. This time, simply perfect the software before release and the purchase feedback will sing songs of praise that will flood the market. Everyone will go out and buy themselves at least two M90/95s. I'd buy three, minimum.


Thanks for considering!

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