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i tested the memory in that motherboard but the ram don't run stablily @200MHz in dual channel(i tested the ram modules with memtest86+ 1.5 and results few errors on test #5)...why???(even if i set the timings to 3-3-3-8) :(:

i tested the TWINX modules in single channel and run @ 200Mhz stablily.

i tested with memtest86 1.5 for seven hours and no errors report!!! :eek:



Should i change the ram??is the ram fault?

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From what I have seen of Gigabyte, their MOBOs almost always have problems with low latency RAM, especially right after their release. You may need to search some for your MOBO and see if you can find others with some hands on experience. Your setup is so new, there is not much info out there. Also, the official Corsair staff will not be in on weekends normally. So, they will look in next week and hopefully give some insight. They probably have a MOBO like yours in their lab.


Are you using any automatic bios settings? If so, set the timings, voltage, and RAM frequency manually. Don't let the MOBO try to do it by SPD. Also, check the Gigabyte site and make sure that you have the latest bios loaded. They often have a beta floating around that is hard to find. You may need to contact their tech support. If the RAM is testing OK as single sticks, I'd suspect the bios settings.



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i do the trick of clearing cmos and install the modules on dimm 3 and 4( even if my manual say to install on dimm 1 and 2.... :confused: )

RAMGUY had suggested this trick for older version of mobo gigabyte.

i set the timings as the RAM GUY suggested:

CAS 2.5



Tras(cycle time) 6



Now the system is stable, very stable, however i try to contact gigabyte for better settings.

Thanks for your help!

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