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Corsair Link (Lightning Node pro) vs nzxt hue+ cam


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I really want to light up my whole pc case,its currently has only red led corsair af120 quiet edition fan.I am just stuck between lightning node pro vs nzxt hue+.I live in Turkey so everything is overpriced here.


Node pro costs me 56$ = 213 TL while nzxt hue+ costs me 80$ = 310 TL


I see node pro is lacking futures like nzxt hue+ has.


Will they ever bring new effects for node pro?


Help me out please.

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You will get the same answers over here as you did on Corsai'r Reddit yesterday buddy.


It's a Corsair Forum so Expect a Corsair buyer to answer ;)..


so.. my advice.. and I wont go into detail again as you already know my views from Reddit and indeed at that point you did not want to listen and then you called me a Fan boy lol. I should have taken notice of your Minus Karma Rating tbf. I gave up trying to help you and deleted any contact with you which will be the same result here ultimately


Node Pro and Link all the way.. does what it says on the tin.


more features and control are coming.. when? who know's? but the powers that be are working on it that's for sure...





Good luck on your quest Dude and remember.. It's Nice to be Nice :) .


The Grass is No Greener on the other side, see for your self

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One more thing to consider ... company engagement with and responsiveness to their user community.


Question: Where is NZXT's forum? Not Reddit ... but a company sponsored, maintained, and monitored forum?


As for "futures" ... Corsair doesn't comment on unreleased devices. That's just their general policy.

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