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Tips & Tricks for Best Wireless Performance

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Tips & Tricks for Wireless Performance - Blog Post


Wireless devices like our recently released K63 wireless keyboard and DARK CORE RGB/SE wireless mice can be subject to interference from other wireless devices in your environment.


For best performance, we recommend positioning the USB wireless receiver as close to your device as possible by plugging into:


  1. A front panel USB port on your desktop system (or closest USB port on your laptop)
  2. The USB charging/data cable via the USB cable adapter provided with your device
  3. A nearby USB passthrough port such as the one available on the K95, K70, K65, STRAFE, MM1000, MM800, or ST100




To improve performance even further, ensure that the wireless receiver is kept away from other USB wireless devices, wireless networking equipment, or USB storage devices (such as flash drives).



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