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Keyboard "Freezes" and Stops Registering Input


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I had this keyboard for just under a day and it has been nothing but issues from the start. Seemingly at random, any and all keyboard inputs will stop being registered and the keyboard itself seems to "lock up" as the LED lights will freeze mid animation. Some things that might trigger it is: Locking the PC, closing CUE software, simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. On top of all this nonsense, when the device DOES work. The CUE software automatically changes my profile to the DEFAULT profile as soon as I do anything making all profiles useless. Even if I delete the DEFAULT profile, locking the PC causes it to replace my profile until I unlock my PC again. (assuming of course it didn't stop working entirely).



Unplugging and re-plugging the device: Does nothing, not even lights turn on.

Trying other USB 2.0./3.0 ports: Does nothing, not even lights turn on.

Trying it on a different PC: Does nothing, not even the lights turn on.

Restarting PC: Does nothing, not even the lights turn on.

Soft reset by holding ESC while plugging in keyboard: Does nothing or just replaces my profiles.

Hard reset by flashing firmware through CUE: Just deleted my profiles.

reinstalling CUE software: Keyboard still locks up and profiles don't stay.


**I discovered that if I leave it unplugged and wait roughly ~15-20 minutes the keyboard will magically be detected by Windows and CUE software again only to eventually stop working again. This is really odd to me.**



The only thing that "works" is using the device in BIOS mode which makes any profiles, macros, and other $200 features USELESS. For now, I will be going back to my old keyboard.

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After digging deeper this post had the solution https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/335895-corsair-k70-k95-rgb-freezing-2-suggestions/. Unfortunately, It seems that my USB ports are not providing the K95 enough power to be stable so I was forced to either get a refund or try it on a powered USB hub. I ended up buying the pci-e card suggested in the post. So far it has been a day and it has not frozen once so yay I guess.
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