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Problem with LL120fans


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Hello folks


I have something weird happening.

3weeks ago I build a new build , everything worked perfectly.

After 1or 2weeks I noticed some fans are doing strange.

The RPM is all good and I will be talking from now only about the RGB lights. I have 6 corsair LL120 RGB fans (3front , 2 Up , 1Back)

(Extra info 6cables in corsair hub for RGB 1->6 in order,

Fans 1 2 3 6 in corsair commander pro ports 1 -> 4 ,

Fans 4 5 In my corsair H100i v2 for power)


What I mean with doing strange?

I setted it on rainbow wave and the last 2fans are not doing the rainbow wave , they are like frozen while the other 4 are rotating , or when I want all go red they go red but when I change to Green the first 4goes insta green while after 1min or not the last 2change color ,same with turning off the colors , setting brightness to zero after a long while the last 2 will turn off.


After some testing and go on I managed to let it work when I lower the brightness of all fans , so all 6are doing rgb rainbow wave but with lower brightness but after a while it seems that its not a good solution , last 2fans giving sometimes white flicker.


After thinking I thought maybe its an power issue?

So I putted an extra sata cable in my PSU and plugged the sata from the corsair hub on the sata cable specially for the fan hub (RGB).

This was again not a solution...


After trying and trying playing with the light, like only turn 1/6,2/6,3/6,4/6...

I stood on something! If I turn on fan 1 2 3 5 6 , they all work perfectly.

But whenever I activate fan 4 , fans 5 and 6 are doing strange ,

activating 1 2 3 4 I can do everything.


So all my fans works , but whenever I turn on fan 4 , 5 and 6 doing strange.



I hope someone can help me and if you need more info and go on ask me please sorry if my english is bad!


Kind Regards

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