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Corsair H100i v2 Problem


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Been running my Corsair H100i v2 pump for about a month. It is plugged into an Asus z170-a board. Here was my initial cable setup for H100i v2:


* Main cable to cpu_fan.

* Corsair Link to usb

* Both Fan cables to Y connector.



Everything worked fine for about a month in both linux and windows. I did some GPU burn-in and everything was fine, cpu temp was never issue.


Then machine began rebooting. I checked CPU temp and it was 85 degrees. The two radiator fans were still working. Shutdown fast and when rebooted had error:


"CPU Fan speed error detected. Ensure that CPU fan is properly installed on the cpu_FAN header or adjust/disable the Fan speed low limit option the UEFI BIOS"


I tried to set CPU fan Q speed to 100% in bios, but still overheating. Now cpu was getting hot so fast it was happening in the BIOS(85+ degrees in less than minute).


I then setup this configuration after googling:

* Main cable to water_pump connector

* Corsair link to usb


However, I kept receiving CPU fan speed error(I imagine because CPU_fan wasn't plugged into) so I:

*Plugged two radiator fan cables into CPU_fan and CPU_opt.

* Y connector unplugged

* Link still plugged into usb


Now I no longer get the error on boot up but CPU is still overheating in BIOS in less than 1 minute...barely have time to play with settings before I shutdown just in case.


I hae no idea if pump is working, not sure how to test.


Any ideas?

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You have some sort of internal electrical issue with the pump. Not much you can do. If you are still in your return window with the purchase vendor, take it back as defective. If not, contact Corsair through Ticket Support System and describe the issue so they can issue a replacement. Be sure to expressly tell them this is a brand new unit. Don't let wait for someone to work that out on the purchase invoice. Do the advance RMA if you can where they ship the new one to you on a credit card hold, then you ship the old back. You must also ask for this. Until then, stay off that machine or put a back up cooler on.
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