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Defective memory module, need an RMA


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I bought a 1gb memory kit (2x512mb) p/n VS512MB533D2. One the modules is not working. My motherboard is an Intel D915PBL with 4 memory slots. For the investigation, I set the motherboard bios to the default setting and reseted the bios too (after a first test with the personnal setting). The bios already have the latest version so no need to flash it with a newer firmware. I removed too all hardware except the vid card (Saphire Radeon X600 pro 128mb PCI-E). During the boot sequence, only one memory module is recognized. I tested them seperately. I tried the good one in all memory slots and the machine worked fine and was able to boot. After I installed the defective one, the machine did not boot on all memory slots. Like dead.


Following the results of those tests, it is quite evident that I got a defective memory module in that kit. I asked what to do from my reseller (Tigerdirect) and they told me to made an RMA request to the manufacturer so with an RMA number, they will be able to take back my memory kit.


Only you can tell me the right procedure because I have a strange feeling that my reseller want to wash his hands with it.


Thank you...

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