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Should there be "play" when using the Intel x1 Backplate?


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Hi folks! I have been using the H115i cooler for around 8 months on an ASUS X99 Mobo with an i7-6850K CPU. It was an easy installation, all good. Now I am replacing that CPU and Mobo with an ASUS Z370+i7-8700K CPU

So I opened the box of bits I had stored, and read that I needed to install the "x1 Intel BackPlate" for LGA 115x which I did, securing it with the LGA 115x/1366 Standoff's. The worry now is that there is a couple of millimeters of up/down play as the threaded locating pins on the backplate that poke through, stand proud of the board. Before I proceed to apply the thermal paste to the new CPU and mount the cooling-header I figured I should check if that is normal? I figured maybe once the top was secured it would tighten up to the board underneath. On the X99 board there is a silver mounting bracket on the top-side that is lacking on the Z370. Not sure if that is by-design. That plate would have eaten up the extra length I think. Or maybe the H115i is not compatible with the Z370 Mainboard I have (Asus Prime Z370-A)?

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