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K63 Wireless - Handicapped Functionality?


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I am trying to use CUE 2 to assign custom lighting effects to specific keys; however, in the macros section, when I click the flag, there is only the option to specify a sound, and no section for lighting effects. I understand that the K63 is not a RGB keyboard, but it has per key lighting - is CUE functionality deliberately handicapped or am I not properly using the software (first time user, but have no problem creating other macros) ?


If the answer is the former, then I would humbly petition Corsair to please add this functionality as based on the description of the functionalities of the keyboard, it would not be unreasonable to believe that this would be possible, and as the keyboard is physically capable of supporting such actions, it would seem to be a wasted opportunity to maximize the functionality of the keyboard.


Any input would be appreciated, thank you for your help








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added screenshot, for proof and verification
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Unfortunately brother i think it does not have this? I thought it did as well and whether it does or does not, I may still pull the trigger on it. You want to sell me yours? :)


see Nick reply here in particular:



ahh.. quite unfortunate indeed, thank you kindly for your quick reply - I would love to help, but I am still quite pleased with the K63 wireless. I use it with the lapboard and find it to be a most convenient peripheral combination; in another thread there are some experiencing wireless connectivity issues, but I personally have had no issues and enjoy the size/feedback/build/latency, everything except the apparently lack of support in CUE and the CUE SDK, and so if you are willing to accept that caveat, I think you will likely be satisfied.


If any Corsair representatives are reading this, I understand the need for the company to expend resources diligently, and that the return on investment must be considered for any costs. If the line of reasoning is that the K63 is the "lowest" model and does not deserve the same features (that it is already inherently physically capable of) as the "higher" models (which I do not agree with, both strategically from a unified product line perspective, and just personally seeing it worthy to maximize the potential of everything one puts effort in), please consider that the K63 wireless and the K63 wireless + lapboard combination are $110 and $160 MSRP respectively, and so are definitely not lowest in revenue value compared to other keyboards that do have this functionality enabled (non wireless guys, nothing against you, it should have this functionality as well, just not applicable to part of my objection).


Thanks again for your help, appreciate it.

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