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Corsair H110i GT - Temps and noises


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Hi! I have a problem with my H110i GT. I had it on my older PC cooling down a i5-4670 and it was somewhere in the 40°C-45°C at max load. (Aida64) My fans were also at 500RPM and pump was at performance mode. It was working well for 2 years.


Now I switched it to my Coffeelake i7-8700K and temperatures are somewhere in the high 80°C and couple times 100°C in Aida64 stresstest. My fans are on quiet mode, 1000-1500RPM and the pump is on performance mode. I thought that a 280MM radiator would do better... I don't have any overclocking headroom and I am not happy with the temps.


So, I have disabled Asus multicore enhancement and I don't have any XMP profile. No other BIOS chances than that. I also checked the thermalpaste spread. The cooler is sitting nicely in it's place. I have the original fans pulling air through the radiator out of the case. The thermal sensor on the pump shows only 40°C.


Also I have heard some weird noises coming out from the pump. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AijrpLna7tRqmEz7L04tQBqP1_hd


Could there be some kind of a blockage or air bubbles?



PC Specs:

Intel Core i7-8700K

Asus Z370-E - Bios 0607

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz

Fractal Desing R5

Corsair H110i GT 280MM

Coolermaster MasterGel Maker


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I can only see the VID in your HWINFO shot, but it does register a peak value of nearly 1.36v. That is a lot. I am running 5.0Ghz at 1.30v. This Asus 370 platform has more ways to screw up your overclock than I have seen in quite some time. There are a couple things you must do to tame it down.


1) Multi-core enhancement off. If you want more frequency, set it yourself. Don't combine auto voltage and this mode.

2) If on auto voltage, set it to per core frequency tuning. MCE off + ALL CORE tuning turns MCE right back on and you get 6 cores at 4.7 with an aggressive VID table.

3) Default VID behavior - Normal or Best Case scenario. There are reasons to use one or the other, but only if on auto voltage. A weak CPU specimen might not get enough on best case.

4) Internal Power Management --> IA and DC load line calibration. You MUST set this to 0.01 for both if using AUTO or adaptive voltage. Same as in the Kaby Lake OC guide.



If you are going to use manual voltage or set a specific overclock, some of those things no longer matter. However, they are crucial when on auto settings. I am not sure that is the entirety of your temp issues. You Aida baseline tells me your idle coolant temp level (H110i GT temp) is in the low 30s. If it is Summertime or you are just in a warm room 25C+, then that is normal. With minimal fan speeds, my H115i Pro runs about 4C over the room temp. 4-7C over ambient is a normal delta when in a cool state. If it is Winter and its 18C in your room, something is wrong with the cooler.


I can't take anything away from the pump sound byte. Your pump is slightly fast on performance mode (in the pic), but well within normal variance. Do you see any strange drops in RPM? It will be easier to trouble shoot this from a temperature standpoint. Idle coolant temp vs room temp, etc. If your baseline coolant temp was 32C and the load is 40C, that is not too far out of range. My brand new H115 Pro would have a +6C delta for that time period, at the 5.0/1.30 settings. Not clear if that is from higher voltage or something else yet.

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