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Profile keeps switching when CUE is clicked off of.


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Title kind of explains my problem. I recently purchased a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and I have a mix of a few user profiles from online and default profiles.

I noticed that when I set a profile and click into an application such as Chrome or even just the desktop it goes to the "Default" profile or a .cue profile that has been imported to CUE.

I have tried reinstalling CUE with settings erased but it does not solve my issue. Also, another observation is that the default profiles on the stored memory do not seem to work when the profile switches which is odd, it just doesn't seem to switch! I am positive I have saved the default profiles to the keyboard as I have clicked that and saved them multiple times.


Help for this issue will be appreciated! Thank you :)


** Edit** This issue seems to only happen with the built in profiles on the keyboard! Whenever I select one and click off of CUE, it goes to a non hardware profile!

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