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CUE - Mouse action not saved


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I'm using the 2.22.83 version of CUE.


i'm trying to set the button 8 of my mouse (Sabre RGB) to do the double clic action.

i set it to the soft, works.


but when i restart my computer, don't work anymore, i have to set this again.


I did other parameter for lights, thoses are keeps, bot not the actions.

how do i save them so i don't loose them when i restart my computer ?

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i managed to make it work


i wanted to use the remap function to the mouse,


I finally used the macro function, which already have a double clic marco existing.

just used it, set it to the mouse button i wanted.

Worked, restart my computer, still work, do have to remake it again.


So, for the mouse, use macro instead of Remap

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I have a similar problem with my scimitar mouse.

Using CUE (Vers 2.23.40) set the "double left click" function on the G1 key and when the system reboots it does not save it.

Recently they released an update but they did not solve the problem.

I discovered this procedure here, but I could not do it.

Is there a simpler way?

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