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570x and H150i Pro + LL120 RGB fan help


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hi all,


i have bought the normal 570x after a lot of debate about weather or not i will actually like the mirror glass on the new on, Anyway i have decided i'll change the 500se when it is released.


I have also bought the H150I pro RGB CPU Cooler and this is what i want to do.


I want the 3 front case fans changed to LL rgb ones.


I also want the 3 fans on the cooler to be changed to LL rgb ones.


and i then want two on the top and one at the rear LL rgb fans.


total 9 LL rgb fans


my main question is whats the best way to do this and what is the best bits to buy (is it just 3x 3 pack LL rgb fans) do i need the commander Pro?


some led strips might be cool too if possible.

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