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Can't get CUE to repeat a macro please help


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Hi so i recently got my corsair scimitar pro i have managed to set it up how i like it except for one thing that i cant seem to figure out for the life of me.


I just want to change the DPI Toggle button to a Macro that repeatedly presses a single key endlessly until i press it again but i just cant get it to work and its driving me nuts.


I have created a new action for the DPI toggle i have set it to macro and recorded the key press i want it to repeat gone in to the settings and put it on toggle.




Then i saved it to the actions library and in the actions library settings i have set the action trigger to toggle action repeat to repeat constantly with a constant delay of 50MS




am i missing something really obvious or what? i have tried googling it but all i find are guides and videos for ether keyboards or older versions of the software.

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