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TwinX1024 XMS3200LLPT Woes


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I've been running TwinX1024 XMS3200LLPT in my system for over a year now with no apparent trouble. I recently upgraded by graphics card to a GeForce 6800GT and have opened myself to a world of pain.


I originally suspected the extra power consumption so upgraded the power supply to a 450W version, but no joy. After some testing I started to doubt the memory. Visited here and took the suggestion of running Memtest86+ V1.50 over night, results were suprising. Main highlight is test 6 failing at 244, 247 and 708Mb (I can type the results in if required, but I'm being lazy here).


I've not been able to return to my original graphics card as my better half has run off with it. If required I can be brave and attempt to get it back ;):


Anyway, system is


Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Rev 1

Bios F12

TwinX1024 XMS3200LLPT (no other sticks installed)

Memory running at dual channel

P4 2.8Ghz HT

FSB 200Mhz


I've not attempted to up the power to the memory as I have no idea what it starts at and the BIOS only gives +0.1, +0.2 or +0.3 volts as options.


Hope you can help.




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Hi RamGuy,


Thanks for the prompt response and I appologise for the slow one from me.


OK I kept the new grahics card in and increased the voltage by +0.2V, I got the following results


1st Stick - 8 hour test, no errors

2nd Stick - 9 hour test, no errors

Both sticks together - 16 hour test, no errors


At this point I decided it wasn't worth re-testing with my old grahics card as I believe this firmly points a finger at the card. I will now arrange a replacement and see how that pans out.


Once again, thanks for your help.




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