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6 HD120 Fans, only the first works


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that seems ok.... 12 LHD fans.. impressive....


do you get same issue when on the button controller?


i don't have 12 fans, got only 3 but i tried all to see if it will work nothing helps me.


Yes same issue even when i use button controller. anyone got downgrade firmware?? i have 0.4 do you think firmware can get me this issue?


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yeah.. being at fault... they are no longer part of your RGB loop when the button controller is connected.. What case do you have?


at both,, if you guys filled out your system specs at the top of this page it would save us guys having to ask certain questions ;)

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OK mate... Good luck


Hi Zotty, you were right.

There is a faulty fan, and not one - 5!

The 6th fan is the new one that I got with the new LED hub I bought, and it turns out that it is the only one that function correctly and all the rest are fried.


I figured it out once I connected the new fan to port 1, and than the fan on port 2 worked but anything after it doesn't light up, exactly as you said.


I'll replace all my 5 old fans, and update here once everything will be okay.


Thanks a lot!

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so did you try different fans in port 2 and then adding a 3rd etc?.. all 5 sounds a little odd




I contacted the store that sold me the fans - and they say they need confirmation from you that the 5 fans are broken and your permission to replace them.


Where can I get this confirmation?

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confirmation from you


I am just a normal User buddy.. In no way linked to Corsair aside from buying their products.


as I said I find it strange 5 are faulty... but you can always contact corsair support,,,


top of this page... click the corsair sails for their main page and then look for support along the top

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