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CLink4 not seeing H115i PRO, solution


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Figured i'd post this in case anyone else was having the same issue. Finished my new build and CLink4 v4.9.2.28 was seeing the H115i pro. Rebooted a few times after updates and such, so not entirely sure which install or update caused the issue. Butt at some point CLink stopped recognizing the cooler. Tried the usual uninstall, reg scans, remove leftover configs, older version, etc to no avail. Checked the device manager and the cooler was disabled for some reason. Easy fix!
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Opps, legit brand new to the forum didn't really search around much. That fix actually told me the issue, the EVGA software. Thanks!


Welcome aboard Bud... few of us are trying to get help thread's sorted on the common questions that arrive here often :)


Good on you for sorting your issue though :). lot's don't and the more it's talked about the easier it is to find these fixes ;)...


we also have the faq threads listed in our signatures below for those that spot such things ;) :)


Hope you hang around bud... those that are willing to help are a rare breed ;)

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