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You cannot remap the keys on the Scimitar PRO? I'm talking about the two top keys on the mouse. At first you released a mouse where your users had to keybind every damn key. Then you come out with the Pro version and you once again F that up, too.


How is this possible?!


You're a company that has been around for years and you STILL cannot design a mouse that works with software for users who do not care to have the top two buttons as Profile and DPI settings. It makes more sense to map them as Forwards and Backwards but that's too difficult for your software developers.


Then I read on a post that it's a "known issues" and that thread was from the middle, of, last, year! You still haven't addressed it!


Corsair I used to be a reviewer of your products, my logo was on the back of your packages years ago. To come back and try some of your products today - you are NOT the same company you were those years ago.


What the HELL happened to Corsair I once knew that put a foot forward in design and innovation? What the HELL is with this mouse? It's a complete piece of crap.


Your software isn't even user friendly! Dragging a box around the keyboard? Then your Actions section is just flippin horrid! Who the hell is in your company designing this crap? Enough with your Engine software - HIRE SOMEONE TO RESIGNED THIS GARBAGE! IT'S BAD! IT'S HORRIBLE!


Or, and this is just a thought, let Razer continue to dominate you in the Mouse industry...


Bring back the employees that gave a damn about the company. Whoever you have there now doesn't give a rats feces's about the products that go out your door.:mad:

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1. If you are using HW Profiles, the Profile switch button is protected by default to prevent you from only having one button, Similar with the left click, when it's assigned to something else, you will lose left click immediately.


You can remove that protection by removing a couple entries from the device xml.



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