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New member here, decided i needed an upgrade last year and wanted to build my own. did plenty of research and this is what chose to build after doing research etc etc. Final parts arrived last week. Hope you like.


List of parts used;


- Corsair 760t in black

- Corsair HD140 RGB fans x7 including 3 controllers

- Corsair Commander Pro

- Corsair Lighting node pro

- Corsair RM1000i

- Corsair premium PSU cable kit, in red

- Corsair H115i

- Corsair K95 platinum RGB keyboard

- Corsair Vengence RGB DDR4 memory, 4x 8gb sticks @ 3600MHz

- Asus Z370 ROG maximus X Hero (WIFI)

- Asus ROG strix geforce gtx 1080ti (OC version)

- Intel core i7-8700K, 6 score 12 thread coffee lake CPU

- Samsung M.2 960 EVO 250GB NVMe SSD

- Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB

- Logitec G602 wirless gaming mouse

- Asus disc drive, forgot the model



I will upload pics of the build soon as its pretty much done now


Thanks for looking


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Here are some pics during build. Its took me quite a bit of time as im very keen on getting the wiring as neat as possible. Ive also been writing a wiring diagram as i go along so that i can assist myself in setting up all the lighting, temp control, fan speed & fault finding in the future


I have removed all unnecessary items such as drive bays & all the standard fan control cables for the case panel, to try keep is as neat as possible.


thanks for looking







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The pics don't work.


Apologies, didnt realise photobucket have changed their policies for posting on 3rd party sites. May i ask what is now the common free method for posting images on forums currently?


Edit: Sorted it now thanks, didnt realise you could do it on the forum itself

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Hello again,


build now in a usable condition, ive attached few pictures of the build.


The images of the RGB lighting in random colours was on start up, Ive since set everything to red until i play with it some more. Very pleased my wiring worked after all the head scratching. Everything works through corsair link as hoped.


I am a little heartbroken about the neatness of the red PSU cables as the length of them didnt give me much options for routing around the back. Im guessing the only solution for this is to go for custom cables. However it is neat enough around the front which is the main thing. I need some more cables combs to finish it off but for now I am quote happy with it


thanks for looking








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hello again,


bought a couple of parts last week which i wanted;


- corsair void pro rgb wireless

- hd120 rgb fan, for bottom of the case as an intake to make case more positively pressured since front intake fans are restricted by radiator

- NZXT USB hub, i need the extra usb2.0 internal to get my PSU connected to corsair link as its annoying me that i cant currently.


So looks like i have more wiring to do at some point, happy days


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