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Vengeance RGB 3000Mhz reporting incorrectly CPU-Z, Task Manager, Corsair Link


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In BIOS, the XMP profile is active and the memory speed shows 3000MHz. However in Windows there are different results from each program that reports memory information, and none of them report 3000MHz.


MSI Command Center shows on the main window that the RAM speed is 3999MHz, and in the memory information tab it reports the RAM as DDR-2133 (1066MHz).


CPU-Z only reports the NB frequency as 2400MHz or within a narrow range of that number; this is the only program that is updating the frequency instead of providing a static number but it still conflicts with the frequency reported by BIOS.


Task Manager shows the memory speed at 2133Mhz


Corsair Link software doesn't report any information about the memory but does allow the RGB lighting to be programmed.


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