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Corsair HD series RGB fan issue


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So i purchased.


1 x HD120mm RGB fan

4 x HD140mm RGB fan


Installed everything correctly like the manual said.

The Fan spins , the LED works but in a very strange way...


I'm using fan splitters that has 1 x4pin connector and 1x 3 pin connect for the single Case fan connector on my motherboard...


spent over 200$ for these 5 fans and thats what i get...anyone experienced such issues? And how does corsair fix it...


Here is a video a uploaded to help you guys or if there is any corsair staff around to see the issue






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Bejebus... that's certainly not right and there seems to have been a spate of this over the week or so.. I offer no fix though buddy... Maybe some else knows more?...


Either way it's not the norm buddy.... Hang in there and make sure you have Proof of purchase ready in case of RMA.. Corsair will sort it.....

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