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H80i Replacement parts


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I would like to know if corsair "supports" its products by making spare parts available for purchase. Specifically the impeller and "coil" assembly for the H80i pump.



background as to why I want to know:


My H80i pump failed (like a huge number of others it seems!) and I unfortunately lost the original receipt. The store it was purchased from will not assist in providing a copy. Not that the receipt would have helped me anyway, as apparently it MUST have my name on it as original purchaser and I have never received a receipt with a name on it for a "walk in purchase"!


It is a bit disturbing that corsair won't check against manufacture dates as many other PC parts suppliers do. It is very likely that almost every H80i is still in warranty simply by the fact that many would have been manufactured less than 5 years ago!


In any case,


after being ignored by your support staff in response to ticket questions I have decided to "go public" in the hopes that someone may assist


I have already dissembled the unit (seeing as warranty was voided anyway).


I was pretty disgusted at the brown murky liquid inside - clearly whatever fluid you fill the pump with degrades over time and wasn't intended to last the full 5 years (or perhaps was intended to degrade so that failure would likely occur shortly after the warranty expired?) - I wonder if this is the real reason you don't want people to dismantle the pumps as you dont want people to see what the coolant has turned into!


The journal bearing and spindle shaft were completely worn out/corroded - at some points the spindle was about 50% its original diameter! no wonder it wont spin!


As corsair won't honour the warranty (as they are within their rights not to under the terms of said warranty) I want to know if I can PURCHASE the parts to repair the pump myself - It is actually required under Australian law that manufacturers importing into Australia must make replacement parts reasonably available so repairs can be performed.

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