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K63 WIreless key colours in CUE


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I have both a K70 RGB RapidFire & K63 Wireless with the latest firmware and CUE software.


With the K70 I can choose the colour & brightness for individual keys under Lighting Effects in CUE.

With the K63 Wireless (which has blue per key lighting) I am unable to adjust individual keys.

I want WASD keys to be brighter than the other keys.


Is anyone else having this issue and those anyone know a solution?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Shinken1,


Thanks for the feedback, we'll see what we can do to add additional customization capability.


That'd be awesome!!

It looked like the keyboard was intentionally crippled in CUE.

If it was just an oversight and can be implemented later than that's great.


Thanks for your response Michael

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Any chance that you guys and gals are Corsair have looked into adding the ability to make the WASD keys brighter then the rest of the board. Just got my keyboard and lapboard combo and bummed that i cant change the brightness of just some of the keys that i need for playing certain games
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