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Newbie here - need a little help, and before I anyone says, I have already raised a support ticket with Corsair! :laughing:


Right so, I have 6 LL Series fans (LED cables are plugged into the RBG lighting hub and the Fan power cable is plugged into the Commander). All fans work, I can control the speeds just fine, but with regards to the LEDs...only one fan likes to light up & it only has half of the LEDs on in that one fan.


The commander is connected to my mother board & the hub is connected to the Commander via one of the LED ports (the other is being used by 4 LED lighting strips which work fine).


Any experts out there able to provide assistance?

I can post a picture or two for better understanding if needed :)

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  • Corsair Employees

Have you configured the Commander PRO in CL4? Hit the + button to make sure you have 6 LL fans addressed.


If you've already done this and the fans still don't light up, you might have an issue with the first fan in the chain (you said 1 fan lights up but only half of the LEDs turn on). Move that fan to the end of the chain (move it from port 1 to port 6 on the hub) and see if that changes the behavior of the other fans. It's possible that only 1 fan needs to be replaced.

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