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profiles dont work


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Hello, i have no forum experience so i dont know where this post is gonna end up or how im gonna find it back because idk why but forums are chaotic in my eyes.


anyway ill adress the issue


i have some custom profiles for my keyboard but only the one i downloaded first works


on Razer i used to download profiles after profiles and all i had to do was click the name in the list and the profile swapped over to the keyboard..


i think (hope) this is the same with corsair however it just stays on whatever profile i have downloaded first.


also when im downloading new profiles from the software itself it used to show me a preview of what im downloading, now it doesnt do that anymore the RGB's just turn off untill i back out of evertything and then the 1st profile i ever downloaded just pops up on the keyboard


i got that advanced thingy enabled and evertyhing im breaking my head over this software >.< pls halp

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