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Link me to the single 6+2 cables that come with the AX1600i please


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I run 1080 ti cards at 120%, which means about 275 watts through the top plugs.

Given the accepted rating of 12-13 amps for the PCI-E cables, and actually feeling a good bit of warmth when only using a single cable, I use 2 cables per card. The double-head cables look like crap if the 2nd set of plugs is hanging out. I'd like to buy more of the single ended cables that came with my AX1600i.

But your website is farking confusing. Instead of listing by type, which all other guidance is normalized to, you sort and describe by the power supply model. And that list is old and certainly doesn't include the AX1600i.


And your cable type matrix needs updating. It seems the AX line is now highly fragmented, with 3 types of cables required across the line. 1600 uses type 4 (or at least that is what it ships with), the 1500 uses type 3, the 1200 uses type random-unspecified-confusing-thing, and the rest are type 3.


And whatever, the decoder ring nature of this entire thing is a drag. You and the rest of the PS manufacturers need to get your crap together and standardize. Seriously self inflicted injury going on heah. Seems Corsair should lead this charge as you represent the ultra-premium brand.


Can you please link me to the single end 6+2 cable that comes in the AX1600i cable bundle? ;)



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Oh yes, and I forgot to mention, it is unlikely that I am going to spend $50 a card x 16 cards for the "premium individually sleeved" cables. I have limits. And $25 a cable is approaching the absurd. I paid $50 for the CPU, the thing that makes it all go. And $100 for the motherboard.

Ah, but I did spend $900 on your wicked power supplies, so you have that on me :D

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Ya, get the type 4 thing ;)

Since it shipped with them, heh.

The AX1600i comes with a pile of single ended (1x 6+2) PCI-E cables and a few double ended (2x 6+2) cables. I want to order more single ended cables. Send me link, I spend money. Nice and easy.

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Yep, those would work. But I am not making a fashion statement ;)

Nor do I want to spend $50 a card for cables (x8 cards).

I need these for a miner.


I think I am going to make my own. Pretty good with this kind of thing.

Guessing the capacitors are not very critical. Won't be installing them in any case.

Now on to find the Type3/4 cable (power supply side) pinout...

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