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LL 120 + CLNP weird problem


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I bought a 2x LL 120 fans pack, so in total i have 6 fans, 2 rgb hub, 2 node pro.

Problem is i can only get the fans rgb to lit up at #1 on the rgb hub, i've tried changing the rgb hub and yet still only #1 that work, so basically #2-#6 wont lit up (and yes i know in order for all the fans to lit is using the + on Link)


I know its not the fans, because all 6 lit up but only if i plug it in #1. I've tried changing from led channel 1 to 2 still the same. Can anybody help me figure out whats wrong? Is it the RGB hub? because i tried changing it and still the result is the same i can only get #1 to lit up. Is it the node pro? The node pro is on the latest firmware 0.5.104 bootloader 2 ( i cannot test the 2nd node pro because it is not being detected by Link)


It was working fine the first week i can get all 6 fans to lit up, but slowly overtime one by one is dead, the fans still spin just no rgb (only #1)


This is so frustrating and please forgive my english

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