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Keycap Durability Problems


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On my K70 LUX I keep having an issue where the bottom (+) of the keycap that holds the cap on to the switch keep breaking randomly.


Usually one of the corners cracks, the corner next to it cracks and suddenly the key can slip off easily and go flying during a gaming session, when you recover the key you can see what happened.


Both my S and D keys have broken off just from normal wear and tear, i have also had buttons like 4 on the numpad break off and go flying just from accidentally hitting it while moving my hand away from the arrow keys.


Would be nice if they would create a new model with stronger keycaps, even a small increase in the thickness of the plastic on that (+) part might make the keys last A LOT longer, something must be going on because I have Never had this issue with any keyboard before, and I love this keyboard so I have been dealing with it breaking keys or not.

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