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Turning On Then Off By Itself When Powered


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A recently built machine turns on by itself when UPS is turned on (starting the day) then turns off after a few seconds.


After pressing the power button it turns on and works as expected.


In BIOS it is set to not turn on when powered (default).


There is no video card.


EDIT: Turning the UPS off and on doesn't cause the problem, but leaving the UPS turned off overnight seems to cause the problem (suspecting a faulty CMOS battery).


ASRock B250M Pro4

Intel Core i3-7100 CPU

Corsair CX430 v2 PSU (bought years ago, shrinkwrapped)

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Replaced the CMOS battery and cleared the CMOS with jumper, but the problem continues.


If I turn off the UPS and wait some minutes when I turn on the UPS the PC turns on, too. The UPS continues with its checkups and the PC turns off.

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"This is by design, when the capacitors discharge completely the "issue" will occur. It isn't anything to worry about, merely the board charging up it's capacitors in readiness for power on. This process reduces power spiking when the system is powered on and off and will increase the lifespan of your board. I would only be concerned if the system powered on with the UPS and remained on. My system does the same thing (X370 Taichi + R5 1600x) when I leave it unplugged for more than a few hours, I think there is a voltage threshold for this to trigger and it would seem that UPSes often cause this, it is just a safety feature doing it's job" - Xaltar
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