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first build - 570x mirror case - opinions welcome - RGB Fan help also required

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Hi all,


Had my old PC for 4 years and my peripherals had started failing on me. This might sound weird but i am the type of person who does a lot of research before thinking of buying things then still sit on the fence to ponder some more...


last week i updated my desk to the popular you tube IKEA desk everyone seems to be using at the minute.




last week i also replaced my peripherals to these.


Keyboard: Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Mouse: Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Mouse Mat: Corsair MM800 RGB Headset: Corsair Void Pro Wireless (Black) RGB Headset Stand: Corsair ST100 RGB


This week i am looking to order a replacement PC then i will for the new ROG Swift PG35VQ Gaming Monitor to complete the build. i am hoping this will last me over 5 years and play most games on high settings.


Below is my PcPartPicker List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BtWT4C


I am on the fence about a few of the components, Mainly the CPU Cooler and RAM. As you can see above i have a Corsair theme going on so below are what i really would like advice with.


Cooler: Corsair H150i Pro RGB or Kracken X62/X52


Corsair H150i Pros: 360mm rad keeping all fans 120mm and fitting asthectically in the front of the case with a proposed 6x LL120RBG fans (3x each side) in keeping with theme. Uses same software as rest of Corsair Items Cons: RGB aspect is no-where near as appealing as the X62 taking up full front of case may limit watercooling GPU down the line when. (360mm does not fit up top on 570x Corsair Mirror Edition)


Kracken x62 / x52 Pros: That infinity mirror and RGB pump head is to die for, looks really nice. 280mm rad fits up top in 570X mirror case leaving the front free to water cool the cards at a later date. Cons: will have to use another software to operate which is apparently poor. does not tie in with Corsair theme. the 280mm rad will have to use larger 140mm rads which will not match the rest of 120mm rads (i can use the X52 240mm to fix this issue)


Now i will move onto the Ram, which is basically the same issue


G.skill RGB, Look unreal in builds but need different software and does not tie in with the build theme.**just found out you can run the RAM off aura sync with i will need for the motherboard and GPU anyway so that is no hardship now**



Corsair Vengeance RGB Matches theme, uses same software but is no where as appealing to look at.


I also watched the Motherboard review from OC3DTV which suggested 3600 RAM to match the board for best performance out the box sort of speak as i wouldn't really know where to start with overclocking etc..


I have chosen the ROG z370 Formula X & Poseidon 1080Ti for water cooling down the line if i want to or when cash permits, i have also looked at the OC3DTV graphs for the cards and even on air the Poseidon is one of the best performing 1080Ti cards.


I currently have about 500GB of storage used so i thought a 1TB SSD would store it all and keep it tidy considering there will be a lot of wires for fans and RGB everywhere.


I may SLI down the line to keep up with newer gems etc apposed to buying another full system which is why i though about the bigger power supply to handle the higher future load.


I am also wanting to use ll120rgb fans to make it all look nice, i have been reading up and think there are a few people on here who can help out


Any suggestions are welcome buy all means, and please be nice, if i have done something stupid it is a mistake, i am no Pro hence the asking


Cheers, Tom.

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