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Disable AX1200i Obstruction test?


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I have a 5 year old AX1200i that has recently started making a very pronounced clicking noise when it does its standard obstruction test.


I run all my fans at a fixed 900 RPM for total silence in my system, and have never heard this clicking noise before this weekend.


I tried using Corsair Link to set the fan to a fixed RPM to eliminate this sound, but the only setting exposed for the fan (other than profile and temp) is the custom setting, and the lowest I can set is 40%. While the fan does spin up, it makes the same clicking noise but now continuously - and much more irritating. At ~55% the sound goes away, but the fan is much louder than the rest of my system at this setting. I've tried using every other setting available and there is no way to eliminate the noise from the PSU entirely.


Having read other posts I know this is a 'feature' of the PSU, but it is absolutely infuriating. I use my system for long periods doing graphic design with no background music, and the clicking is driving me mad.


Any suggestions? For reference the PSU is mounted with the fan facing down in my 570X.



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